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Get the perfect franking machine rental deal or franking machine lease deal right here. We can provide you with important information about renting or leasing a franking machine as well as offering you a range of different rental deals.

We will also prepare you on when to get the best franking machine deal for your business. Franking Machine Quotes are also available for rental deals and lease deals.

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What's Included with our Franking Machine Lease & Rental Deals

If you decide to take a rental agreement or lease agreement out with Mailcoms then we will include a wide range of extras that will come as standard with the agreement. All extras that are included will come in handy for you throughout your franking machine experience. Each machine supplied on a rental or lease will come with integrated scales, smart meter technology, Mailmark technology, free support & maintenance, online connectivity and many other extras.

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Integrated Scales

An integrated weighing platform will come with all rental agreements as standard. Depending on the franking machine chosen you will also get to choose which scale you have. Never again over or under pay for a mail item. Eliminate the risk by accurately weighing your mail.

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Free Service & Maintenance

Free service and maintenance will be provided as part of any franking machine rental deal or franking machine lease deal made. If any errors or problems arise with your chosen franking machine then free service and maintenance will be provided by our trained engineers.

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Free Royal Mail Licence

We will provide you with a Royal Mail License at no extra cost, allowing you to start using the franking machine when you want. No hassle will be involved with setting up your franking machine for initial use. Clear guides can be used or our engineers can fit the machine for you.

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Online Connectivity

Online Connectivity is a standard feature in all our franking machines. Connect to a reliable online connection & gain access to fast download speeds via LAN or Wi-Fi. Top up your machine 24/7. Alternatively an analogue line can be used.

Mailmark Technology Image

Mailmark Technology

Mailmark Technology is a standard feature in all our franking machines. This means that users can benefit from the lowest franking prices and use a new 2D barcode impression. These are just some of the perks of using the latest Mailmark technology.

Smart Meter Technology Image

Smart Meter Technology

Smart Meter Technology is a standard feature in all our franking machines. It allows you to frank mail in smart blue ink, use all VAT services and reclaim your paid VAT. These are just some of the perks of using the latest smart meter technology.

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Free Pack of Franking Labels

An option to receive a free starter pack of franking labels will be given to you as part of the franking machine rental or lease deal. This will include a pack of franking labels and posting envelopes for usage in your chosen franking machine.

Ink Cartridge Image

Free Franking Ink Cartridge

An option to receive a free franking ink cartridge is also available and this will be given to you as part of the franking machine rental or lease deal. One ink cartridge can produce various amounts of impressions depending on the franking machine.

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Free Size Guide Ruler

You can even receive a brand new Royal Mail Size Guide Ruler with any franking machine rental or franking machine lease deal. This will further ensure that you don't have to pay any Royal Mail surcharges on your postage.

Most Popular Rental Deal

If you have browsed through our franking machines but have yet to decide on your ideal model then we recommend you take a look at our Mailbase franking machine. It is our most popular franking machine rental deal and may be just ideal for you. It is designed for smaller mail volumes, but the possibilities are endless.

Mailbase Franking Machine
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Still unsure about the franking machine deal for you?

View some of the franking machine benefits you can gain!

When you buy a franking machine the initial cost can be quite high and this can be hard for small businesses to pay. Franking machine rental however is much cheaper and can be as low as £14.95 per month. This is easier to pay over time and therefore easier for all businesses.

There is a service and maintenance contract, meaning that if something goes wrong then it can be fixed completely free as it will fall under the rental agreement. Someone will fix any errors for you at no extra charge. When buying a franking machine however you do not get this contract and it becomes a more expensive repair bill.

If you buy a franking machine you are locked into using it. If the machine becomes obsolete or your business grows in size, you will be locked into the machine. Renting however allows you to change your franking machine if you find that you are franking larger volumes per year or if your machine becomes retired and obsolete, meaning you avoid these potential problems.

Every franking machine will give you exclusive access to the lowest postage discounts available from the Royal Mail. As franking is cheaper than stamping money will be saved after every franked item. Mailmark will give you access to even lower franking prices for further saving.

Franking is a quicker and easier process than stamping, saving your business time. Up to 20 letters per minute can be processed with our entry level model and this is much faster than any human. This allows staff to be more productive elsewhere in the business as less time is wasted sending out mail.

A franking machine will produce a clean and clear impression every time and this can include a company logo and / or return address. This looks far more professional than a stamp and it can improve the look of your business and mail. Improve your business image and look professional in the eyes of customers and competitors when franking.

Franking machines are incredibly easy to use. By using one touch buttons and taking advantage of various job memories franking mail could not be easier. On screen guides and prompts come as standard in most franking machines and this allows everyone to use the machine with ease.

A franking machine will ensure that you never over or under pay for a mail item again. By using its integrated weighing scale users can always make sure that they pay the correct postage price for all mail items.

A franking machine will provide you with added convenience and comfort that using stamps do not. You can frank mail in the comfort of your own office. Topping up your franking machine can be done easily via a LAN line 24/7. No more last minute trips to the Post Office will be required. Franking mail is far more convenient and simple than stamping.

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