Neopost IS-5000 Franking Machine Review

The Neopost IS-5000 franking machine is one of Neopost’s heavy duty franking machines. As a heavy duty franking machine it comes with loads of features and it is perfectly suited for any business that sends out over 1000 mail items on a daily basis. This however is only a recommendation as less can franked with ease if needed, but to truly get the most out of this machine at least 1000 items should be franked per day. This is based on our experience with a similar franking machine to the IS-5000.

Neopost IS-5000 Franking Machine

Neopost IS-5000 Franking Machine Review

The Neopost IS-5000 franking machine is a heavy duty model and so comes with a wide range of franking machine features that can be highly beneficial for the user and can aid your businesses. This machine comes with a fully automatic feeding system which enables this franking machine to frank at incredible speeds reaching 260 letters per minute. A slower sped of 140 letters per minute can be achieved when using the very useful dynamic weighing feature. With speeds this fast it is easy to frank over 1000 items of mail per day.

An integrated weighing scale comes as standard with the IS-5000 franking machine and this enables users to accurately price their mail and never again over or under pay for a mail item. Use a 3 Kg scale as standard or upgrade this to a 5, 10 or even 30 Kg scale if you wish. For ease of use this machine comes with a touch screen that is easy to use. Store up to 15 job memories and gain access to these at the touch of a button for easy franking.

The latest technology can also be accessed with the Neopost IS-5000 franking machine. This means that both Mailmark and Smart Meter can be taken advantage of. Use the lowest postage discounts, frank a 2D barcode and connect to a secure LAN connection with Mailmark. Smart Meter technology however allows you to use all of Royal Mail’s VAT services and products whilst franking mail in smart blue ink for better franking.

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Neopost IS-5000 Specifications

View the specifications for the Neopost IS-5000 franking machine below.

  • Franking Speed: 260 letters per minute
  • Dynamic Weighing Franking Speed: 140 letters per minute
  • Feeder: Automatic
  • Scales: 3, 5, 10 or 30 Kg
  • Connection: LAN Line
  • Maximum Envelope thickness: 20mm
  • Adverts: up to 8
  • Job Memories: up to 15
  • Cost Centre’s: up to 500
  • PIN Security: Yes
  • Smart Meter Technology: Yes
  • Mailmark Technology: Yes