Smart Meter Benefits of Franking

Smart Meter technology is a franking machine feature that is used in all modern digital franking machines. This technology is highly beneficial to use and can aid all businesses. However not many people are currently aware of the various smart meter benefits that can be gained by using smart meter technology. If your business uses Royal Mail VAT services then it is mandatory to use smart meter technology.

Smart Meter Benefits of Franking

Smart Meter Benefits

Although smart meter technology has been around for a few years it is still regarded as a very useful and beneficial feature in franking machines. If you are not using smart meter technology then you may wish to consider using a smart meter franking machine today. If you are interested in renting a franking machine, then click here to view our franking machine rental page and begin a free 30 day franking machine trial.

  • Smart Blue Ink – smart franking machines use smart blue franking ink to frank. This will help improve the look of your mail and the readability of the franked impression. Help speed up the delivery of your mail.
  • Access VAT Services – smart meter technology gives you exclusive access to all of Royal Mail’s VAT services and products.
  • Reclaim your VAT – any VAT service used and paid for will be recorded via Royal Mail’s data capture. This allows you to reclaim any paid VAT from HMRC.
  • Apply the Correct Postage – by using smart meter technology, you can always be sure that the postage franked is accurate and correct. This will eliminate the chance of you over or under paying for your mail.

These are just some of the many smart meter benefits that can be gained by using a smart franking machine. If you would like to know more about this technology, visit the smart franking machines website here.