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Mailstart Plus Franking Machine

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The Mailstart Plus is our brand new entry level franking machine. As such it is ideally designed for the smallest of mail volumes reaching 50 items per day. This however is not a limit as more or less can be franked.

The Mailstart Plus comes with a 5 year guarantee and pricing starts from only £14.95 per month or purchase option available on request.

About the Entry Level Mailstart Plus Franking Machine

The entry level Mailstart Plus postage machine can frank mail at a speed of 20 letters per minute with its manual feeding method. It is a flexible machine that can frank both small and slightly larger volumes of mail with ease. The latest Royal Mail technologies are available with the Mailstart Plus, meaning users can benefit from Smart Meter & Mailmark Technologies. Access all VAT applicable services and frank a new 2D barcode impression to truly benefit from franking.

Why choose the Mailstart Plus Franking Machine?

Find out why your business should use this entry level franker.

  • Mailmark - Mailmark technology, which was only released two years ago, is now in full swing. It gives users of the Mailstart Plus access to lower postage tariffs, a new 2D barcode and more.
  • Smart Meter - Smart Meter has been around for a few years now but it is highly beneficial to use. Access all Royal Mail VAT services and frank mail in smart blue franking ink. The Mailstart Plus comes with this piece of technology as standard and it will help ensure you always pay the correct franking price.
  • Manual Feeding - The Mailstart Plus uses manual feeding which means that the user can ensure every franked item has a crisp and clean franking impression applied. Frank items up to 9.5mm thick and use franking labels to ensure you benefit from all franking prices.

View the Mailstart Plus Video Demonstration

Want to see how the Mailstart Plus actually works before renting? View the brief video below to see just how easy the franking machine is to operate.

Mailstart Plus Franking Machine Features, Options & Specifications

Below you will be able to see all the Mailstart Plus features, the Mailstart Plus options and the Mailstart Plus specifications that are available.

Mailstart Plus Franking Machine Features & Specifications

  • Frank up to 20 letters per minute
  • Manual Feeder
  • Frank onto mail items 9.5mm thick
  • LAN / Network, Modem or PC Re-crediting / Updates
  • 10 Departmental Accounts Available
  • Access to all UK and Worldwide postage rates
  • Integrated 2.5 Kg scale as standard
  • PIN Security
  • Mailmark Compatibility
  • Smart Meter Enabled
  • Access Royal Mail VAT Applied Services

Mailstart Plus Franking Machine Options

  • Wireless (Wi-fi) Connection Option
  • Job Imprints Available
  • Advertisement Slogan / Logo Available
  • Automatically record and report VAT Applicable services

Find out More about the Mailstart Plus Franking Machine

Still interested in the Mailstart Plus franking machine? If so use the various links below to find out more information about the entry level franker. Download the brochure, get a quick quote or view the franking machine supplies you can get.

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