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Send Pro P2000 Franking Machine

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The Send Pro P2000 is our brand new heavy duty franking machine. As such it is ideally designed for franking the largest of mail volumes, reaching well over 1000 items per day. Ensure all your mail is sent out the door on time with this franker.

The Send Pro P2000 comes with a 5 year guarantee and pricing starts from £349.95 per month or purchase option available on request.

About the Heavy Duty Send Pro P2000 Franking Machine

The heavy duty Send Pro P2000 postage machine can frank mail at a range of different franking speeds. Depending on the options chosen with this automated machine, users can process mail as slow as 90 letters per minute or as fast as 180 letters per minute. It is an incredible machine that is perfect for larger businesses that send out much large volumes of mail on a daily basis. The latest Royal Mail technologies are a standard feature of using the Send Pro P2000 and this model is even capable of franking mail in any colour. This means users can benefit from both Smart Meter & Mailmark Technologies as well as making more appealing mail items with their franked impressions.

Why choose the Send Pro P2000 Franking Machine?

Find out why your business should use this heavy duty franker.

  • Full Colour Printing - Frank mail in any colour you desire with the Send Pro P2000 franking machine. Frank personalised logos or slogans and make an immediate impression on your customers. Potentially increase profits and produce artwork across the entire length of the envelope.
  • Mailmark - The Send Pro P2000 digital franking machine comes with the latest Mailmark technology as standard. This means more money can be saved per franked item and that your business is up to date with the franking world. Apply a new 2D barcode, track mail items and permanently drop the analogue line.
  • Weigh-on-the-Way® (WOW®) & Dimensions-on-the-Way® (DOW®) - The Send Pro P2000 mailing system will help simplify the process of accurately weighing mixed weight and mixed sized mail items. This is a unique feature that only the Send Pro machines possess. Automatic weighing and rating will ensure you don't need to guess postage ever again.

View the Send Pro P2000 Video Demonstration

Want to see how the Send Pro P2000 actually works before renting? View the brief video below to see just how easy the franking machine is to operate.

Send Pro P2000 Franking Machine Features, Options & Specifications

Below you will be able to see all the Send Pro P2000 features, the Send Pro P2000 options and the Send Pro P2000 specifications that are available.

Send Pro P2000 Franking Machine Features & Specifications

  • Frank up to 90, 110, 160 or 180 letters per minute
  • Fully Automatic Feeder
  • Frank onto mail items 16mm thick
  • LAN / Network, Modem or PC Re-crediting / Updates
  • 100 Departmental Accounts Available
  • Access to all UK and Worldwide postage rates
  • Integrated 5 Kg scale as standard
  • PIN Security
  • Mailmark Compatibility
  • Smart Meter Enabled
  • Weigh-on-the-Way® (WOW®) Technology
  • Dimensions-on-the-Way® (DOW®) Technology
  • Access Royal Mail VAT Applied Services
  • 1200 dpi Print Quality
  • 10.2" Colour Touch Screen

Send Pro P2000 Franking Machine Options

  • 7 Kg, 12 Kg and 35 Kg weighing platforms available
  • Upgrade up to 3000 departmental accounts
  • Wireless (Wi-fi) Connection Option
  • Job Imprints Available
  • Advertisement Slogan / Logo Available
  • Automatically record and report VAT Applicable services
  • Differential Weighing Option
  • Upgrade to a 15" Colour Touch Screen
  • Drop stacker or power stacker options
  • Optional Barcode scanner
  • Optional External USB report printer
  • Print mail in any colour franking ink

Find out More about the Send Pro P2000 Franking Machine

Still interested in the Send Pro P2000 franking machine? If so use the various links below to find out more information about the heavy duty franker. Download the brochure, get a quick quote or view the franking machine supplies you can get.

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