Franking Machine FAQ

Here at Franking machine Rental we have received many questions regarding our service and the franking machine industry in general. For this reason we have created our own franking machine FAQ page which is dedicated to helping you answer your questions. View our most common questions and answers that we have received below.

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What happens if I want to cancel?

If you are not completely satisfied with your franking machine rental deal simply get in touch with us. We will collect the franking equipment for you at no cost, terminate the agreement and refund any additional postage that has not been used.

When will I begin payment for the machine?

Your monthly payments for a franking machine will begin approximately, but not before, 30 days after you take receipt for the franking equipment.

Are there any hidden charges?

It is important to not that there are no hidden charges. As long as you pay your monthly franking machine rental there are no additional funds to pay for other than postage amounts and consumables.

What can I frank with a franking machine?

A franking machine can be used to post almost all items. This includes the following:

  • First Class Mail
  • Second Class Mail
  • Recorded Delivery
  • Special Delivery
  • Cleanmail
  • ParcelForce Worldwide Services
  • International / Airmail

As well as this, franked impressions can be used to pay for other Royal mail services including Business collections.

Is there a limit to what I can frank?

No there is not. There is no restriction to the volume of mail that you can frank. All postage discounts that you receive are received on a per item basis. No matter how small or large the mail volume businesses will still qualify for all postage discounts.

How do I frank parcels?

A franking machine can frank directly onto envelopes and other mail items that are up to a certain thickness, usually 9.5mm thick. Larger mail items, such as parcels, can be franked via the use of franking labels which can be brought from many suppliers. Simply frank the franking label and apply to your mail item.

Are there any re-crediting charges or admin fees?

We offer 12 free postage top ups / resets, thereafter each one is charged at £5. To avoid any re-crediting charges simply increase the amount you top your franking machine up by.

Are there any charges for postage rate updates?

ALL postage rate updates are included within the rental agreement FREE of charge.

Is the there a company logo included and if so how many can I have?

A franking machine can store personalised logos for you to choose from. The 1st one is supplied free of charge and each one thereafter is charged at £19.95 + VAT.

How does the postage account work?

The machine needs to connect to our server via either analogue telephone line or the USB port of an internet connected PC (not MAC compatible). You simply request postage funds to be added to the franking machine via the control panel which is simply downloaded instantly. This is usually paid for by Direct Debit but other methods of payment are available such as BACS, cheque or card.

Do you offer any other machines machines?

If you require a comprehensive quote for other equipment please visit our home page here and let us know your requirements and we’ll be more than happy to offer you a franking machine quote.