Why Franking?

A franking machine can save any business money and it can improve the look of your mail pieces. These are just two reasons why many UK businesses are franking mail and this may lead you to thinking “Why franking is required?”.

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Why Franking is required?

View the various reasons below for why your business should now be franking mail with a franking machine and why franking is required for your business.

Massive Savings to be made!

When franking mail business immediately gain exclusive access to lower prices. You can save more money when franking in comparison to stamping as a frank is significantly lower than a stamp. Further savings are made with Mailmark.

– Save 10p on a 1st Class Letter

– Save 19p on a 2nd Class Letter

Franked mail is more professional!

Every franked piece of mail can have a company logo and / or return address applied to it completely free. This is applied via smart blue franking ink which is available for almost all modern franking machines. Clean and clear franking impressions will always be applied with a franking machine and this will make your mail look better and more professional in the eyes of your customers.

No more running out of stamps

If you run out of postage on your franking machine it can be topped up 24/7 when using a secure LAN connection. This feature is present in most modern franking machines and means that you will never again run out of postage. No more last minute trips to the post office will be required eliminating the risk of even running out of postage. This adds to the extra convenience of franking mail.

Advertise yourself

As previously mentioned, every mail item franked can have a company logo and / or return address applied to it. As well as this, most franking machines come with various amounts of advertisements and slogans which can be used during the franking process. This feature enables personalized messages and adverts to be applied completely free on outgoing mail. This can be used as a free marketing tool for your business, helping to expand your business name and appeal to your customers.

Never over or under pay for your mail

An integrated weighing usually comes as standard with a franking machine and this will help eliminate the risk of over or under paying for a mail item. Always ensure that accurate postage is applied to all mail items. The most up to date postage rates in the UK and Worldwide are also integrated into a franking machine meaning that the most recent prices are readily available for your post.

Improved accounting and reporting

Almost all franking machines have an accounting and reporting feature that enables businesses to have a certain amount of departmental accounts (also know as cost centres). This feature allows businesses to monitor and track all postage expenditure that occurs on the machine. This will help you be in complete control of your postage expenses. It is also worth noting that all accounts can be PIN code protected for extra safety and security.